Jan 192011
Morsels of Life - Italian Mushrooms and Squash

I had some extra squash and a box of mushrooms, so I thought I'd put those two together to make a side. It seems like you could substitute a basic Italian dressing for all the ingredients except the mushrooms and squash and then adjust the taste based on your preferences. If you made that substitution, it might reduce the number of spices you have to keep on hand, but you'd lose some customization ability. On the other hand, you could make your own Italian dressing and then use it both for this dish and as a salad dressing!



Mass Weight Volume Number Material Notes
garlic powder
onion powder
lemon juice
mushrooms, quartered
squash, diced


  1. Heat all ingredients except mushrooms and squash together in a pot.
  2. Add squash and mushrooms, stirring to coat well.
  3. Dish is complete once vegetables are sufficiently cooked.

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