Mar 182013
Cranberry Glazed MeatballsA recent trip to the grocery store turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. Whole chicken was yet again on sale for rock bottom prices, so I dragged James out as additional muscle to find the largest ones we could and had him haul it back home. I was excited about the idea of cutting up the chicken and putting my meat grinder to work, but the cutting was bitterly long work. [click to continue...]
Nov 262012
Thai-Style Tofu Squash StewWith all this cold weather, I thought back to the warmer climate of Thailand. What could I make to bring back some of the warmth? Looking around, I saw our stash of winter squash. I also grabbed a can of coconut milk, an important part of Thai-stye cuisine. For some reason, this dish reminded me of Khao Soi, even though there aren’t a plethora of similarities. But, between the coconut, spice, and overall flavor, “Thai-inspired” [click to continue...]
Jun 202012
Ginger Tofu

I had some tofu leftover, and I needed another side, but looking around I didn’t have too much else. What to do? Maybe something like a stir-fry? But I wanted something crispier, so I opted for pan frying. If you’re in a rush, you can serve these tofu sticks with a sauce (like me). But if you marinate the tofu beforehand, you’ll get more flavor penetration. Either way works – just depends on your preferences. [click to continue...]

Feb 152012
Miso Tofu

We’d gotten some miso I wanted to try and we had quite a bit of tofu, so I figured we could combine the two and make some Miso Tofu. This miso sauce tastes unique and flavorful. It’s also super easy – just mix and bake! Miso is a thick paste, similar to doujiang, made by fermenting soybeans with koji. Koji forms when fermenting rice, barley, other grains, or soybeans with kojikin. (Confused yet? :P) Although [click to continue...]